Sirius Sportster 4

Sirius Sportster 4, portable satellite radio, has a wide blue screen and push button navigation features that are easy to use in your car.  You can also use radio into an audio home system or docking station so you can enjoy it in your home, place of work or another vehicle.   List Price is $149, MSRP is $ 149,  On Sale at Sirius for $99 (Free after mail-in Rebate) - For Sale at the MP Player Store
-Translates digital quality radio stations for more than 120 music, news, and sports channels with a builtin FM Radio trasmitter
-Game Alert attribute prompts you when favorite sports team is playing on Sirius
-Instant replay function lets you pause, rewind, and replay 44 minutes of live radio
-Includes car power adapter, 1-year warranty (When purchased New)

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.

Sirius Sportster 4 SP4-TK1 SP4

Sirius Sportster 4 SP4-TK1 SP4

Price: $79.99 (0 Bids)

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