How do I plug my MP3 Player into my car?

How many of your favorite cds fit into your cars cd changer, probably about 6 or 12. How many cds do you have laying around your car. By using your mp3 player in your car you can remove the CD/DVD clutter and get more music from your mp3 player. So how do you get an MP3 player into your car to replace that CD changer. Watch our video for some steps on what to take for - How do I plug my MP3 Player into my car?


If you have a different brand of MP3 player, the cheapest solution uses an adapter that plugs into your cars stereo cassette player. But most new car stereos prefer CDs, so a cassette adapter may not be an option. Another method is to get an adapter cable that plugs directly into your head unit of the mp3 player. In order to go with this option, your car stereo needs a spare input, such as an unused CD changer port. If you are not sure if you have an input available, you can check the owners manual for your vehicle or stereo or look up your stereo or vehicle information online. To install an adapter cable, you will need to plug it into the back of the stereo by either removing the head unit or reaching under and behind the dashboard. Some head units come with an 1/8-inch auxiliary input mounted in their face. With any of these solutions, you will need to control your music selection from the MP3 player, as only the volume will be controllable from the car stereo itself.

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